I Came From The Stone Age by Heinrich Harrer

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I Came From The Stone Age ( 1965 )

Publisher: E. P. Dutton & Co. ; Author(s): Heinrich Harrer ; Hard Cover with DJ : 256 pages ; illustrated ; English (translated from German)

This German author was famous for escaping from a British POW camp during WW II and escaping into Tibet. His true story is told in the movie " 7 Years in Tibet ". This book tells of another adventure when the author traveled to remote Western New Guinea to live with stone age people. As an anthropologist, he recorded their way of life without metals, cloth or even the wheel. These people had never looked through a pane of glass. They drank water out of a stream with cupped hands, etc. Fabulous reading. This book is in very good condition. The binding and pages are very nice, but the DJ is worn from handling.

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