The Evolution of Highland Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) Societies by D. K. Feil

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The Evolution of Highland Papua New Guinea Societies ( 1987 )

Publisher: Cambridge University Press ; Author(s): D.K. Feil ; Hard Cover : 313 pages ; a few illustrations ; English

ISBN 10: 0521334233

This book is an explicitly comparative, anthropological analysis of the societies of the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Particular societies have been documented by anthropologists since the 1950s, yet there have been few attempts at rigorous comparison of the findings. This book argues that the highlands cannot be treated as a homogenous region, socially, historically, environmentally or culturally. Rather, societies of the eastern highlands have followed markedly different paths of development than that of the western highlands and it is upon this divergence that a comparative treatment of the present should be measured. This book is in like-new condition.

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